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Virgo (August 23 to September 22), the sixth sign of the Zodiac, is an Earth sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Their birthstones are Peridot or Sapphire, depending on whether they are born in August or September.

Virgos have a need to do the right thing at all times, making them a bastion of morality and kindness. They also have a desire to find love for themselves and will love that person or persons in return. They are generally caring and compassionate to everyone, and especially to those who are vulnerable.

While they are often characterized as being narrow minded and overelaborate they are also a force to be reckoned with when they let their inner light shine. A well evolved Virgo is a pleasure to know and love and when they are confident about themselves they can find a great deal of creativity, structure and eventual success.

Virgos are usually most successful in service related jobs such as social work, teaching, and medicine. They tend to be drawn to most natural forms of healing such as herbal relief, massage and yoga.

One of the most interesting Virgo characteristics is their undying hope and faith. They rarely become cynics, instead choosing to focus on the good of every situation.

This sign is also incredibly kind, which can be taken for weakness by those who prey on the good hearted. This is something that Virgos need to keep in mind. They are often the victim of co-dependent relationships and can be mistreated if they aren't vigilant.

Virgos are sensitive but also creative and tend to be delicate and difficult to handle if you aren't used to wearing kid gloves. Like a rare flower they are easily wilted but can be magical and beautiful if tended to correctly and allowed to bloom naturally.

They are often shy and are usually happy to let other people take the stage, which makes them a great match for more verbose and outgoing signs. They are introverted and take solace in alone time, finding too much personal interaction to be taxing and frustrating.

They make wonderful partners and friends however, because they enjoy doing their part to make the people they love happy and successful.

Virgos are the ultimate givers and will be there for people they care about during rough times when people are in most need of support, caring, love and companionship. Virgos tend to understand human nature the best and have a keen awareness of our inherent frailness as they are sensitive to need and desire.

Virgos have a desire for things to be equal when it comes to relationships, and they care more than anyone about making things fair in love, friendship and at the work place.

As a coworker Virgos make excellent partners as they will work hard on a project and share credit evenly. They aren't prone to office gossip and they are sticklers for professionalism and like to keep things at work serious and work-related. However they will keep your confidence no matter the subject, and are often eager to hang out after work.


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