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Taurus is the second astrological sign (April 21 to May 21) and the word means bull in Latin. Taurus is known for being determined and they are not easily distracted, which means even if one if not particularly clever or quick, as a Taurus they are still more likely to reach their goals.

Taurus has a strong need for simplicity and stability which can motivate them to build a life that is quite functional, though that may seem boring to other signs. Taurus are not interested in taking risks if they aren't absolutely necessary and they are hard pressed to do anything to jeopardize their standing in life.

Taurus is well attuned to their basic senses and that is often what drives them. They can be somewhat focused on material goods but that desire is more about the pleasure those goods give them than the objects themselves. Having a comfortable working and living space is vital to Taurus, and that can include quality food, clothing, housing and music.

Taurus is a practical sign and because of that they usually have a sensible outlook on life in general. Because of this it is sometimes difficult for a Taurus to take time to appreciate the beauty of life beyond their work and home so it's important for them to plan time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

Taurus is an Earth sign, which lends itself to their natural practicality. We are all Earth bound; there is no escaping that fact. It's the air we breathe and the land we stand on – it is the ultimate practicality. Therefore Taurus, and all Earth signs, will focus on what is tangible; what can be held and weighed versus what is imagined. Real sensations are valued over feelings.

This sensible nature makes a Taurus the perfect person to look to for advice. They are all about returning to the basics and having all the tools they need to be successful and build a comfortable life.

The second house of Taurus focuses on personal resources, which can be possessions, money, or something else entirely. Anything that has value to the person is represented in the second house. This can refer to intangible things as well, such as family, friends, career or sex.

The key planet for Taurus is Venus. Venus represents love and sexual desire and rules all things romantic and beautiful. This doesn't just refer to physical love either. It also symbolizes love and romantic idealism.

Taurus is also known for being steadfast and stable in personal relationships. While they are usually not the trailblazers that certain other signs are, they are devoted to following the path that already exists and strengthening what is already there. In this way they can be brilliant and creative.

They may not be leaders but they enjoy their independence and are adamant about doing things their own unique way. This perseverance and dedication can unfortunately lead them to be stubborn; they often refuse to admit defeat and will often continue to argue a point long after it has been proven wrong.


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