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Scorpio (October 23 to November 21), the eighth sign in the Zodiac, is a water element and their ruling planet is Pluto. They are symbolized by the scorpion and their birthstone is Opal or Topaz, depending whether they are born in October or November.

Scorpios are the survivors of the Zodiac and their most important goal in life to become and remain triumphant in all things. Scorpios are resilient and are referred to as the most powerful astrological sign of all.

Scorpios tend to be intense and often lead hectic but exciting lives. They have dramatic relationships and even when they are small they are known for being wise beyond their years (or being an old soul). If you have a question about life or love Scorpios tend to be the ones with all the answers though they sometimes have a hard time finding their own peace and happiness.

Power, desire and passion are all vital to Scorpios and their hardest challenge in life is deciding between the love of power and love itself.

For those who love a Scorpio it can be difficult to understand the level of emotional depth and compassion that lies within them. They are unique among the rest of the Zodiac and this leaves them prone to loneliness if they can't find someone to love their differences.

You can sometimes live with and love a Scorpio for years and never really understand them. Their hearts are an ocean of secrets and they often are filled with feelings they can't express. They can often have stormy periods where they are brimming with dark feelings, and a less evolved Scorpio will often drive away the people who love them the most.

Scorpios are known for being very intuitive, so one must take care when dealing with them during a tumultuous time. They often are said to hide their true selves from everyone except those they trust the most and they most definitely have contrary dispositions.

When they do find love, however, they love hard and are very loyal. If you hurt a Scorpio however they hold a grudge and you may never regain their trust.

The majority of Scorpios are winners at life, mostly due to their inherent luck and charisma. The most important worry they should have is keeping their attitudes in check. This attitude problem can be a huge concern if not kept in check, but evolved Scorpios should have no problem with this.

When a Scorpio is negative about someone or something or they become critical of themselves they often become their own worst enemy.

Similar to other signs, Scorpios have three different levels of evolution. The first is the Scorpion, which is the least evolved. Scorpions tend to get in their own way and are often drawn to crime.

Next there is the Eagle. They are marked by an entrepreneurial streak and are often successful. The Eagle is known for being able to get through rough times easily and with a sense of humor.

The last level is the Phoenix. They are the wisest of all Scorpios and are usually leaders rather than followers. The Phoenix is said to have risen from the ashes and is the most evolved Scorpios personify that to the max.

Scorpions can reach all levels in their lifetime, though they can often come out of order and Scorpios tend to regress if they aren't steadfast.


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