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Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21), the ninth sign of the Zodiac, is a fire sign and their ruling planet is Jupiter. They are symbolized by the Archer and their birthstones are Topaz or Turquoise, depending whether they are born in November or December.

Their main goal is to live a great life and make a difference in society and in the world. They are unfortunately overly sensitive and often burnout easily and prematurely. This is something that the Sagittarius should try to work on if they want to do all the good work they set out to do and be successful.

Because they are ruled by Jupiter, the benefic planet, Sagittarius people exude a natural sense of creativity and adventure. They have an obvious love of life and are incredibly optimistic which makes them wonderful friends and lovers.

Similar to their symbol, the archer, Sagittarius is well known for being able to aim their sight toward whatever it is they desire – a lover, friend, vacation destination, dream career, etc. Being the optimist that they are they rarely give up hope and they truly believe that with enough perseverance and hard work that anything and everything is possible.

Because of this strong sense of faith they are great at forging their own destiny and making their dreams come to fruition.

One downside that Sagittarius faces is that because they are free spirits they are often difficult to pin down, which can be frustrating to their loved ones. They are most happy when they are on the go, doing whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals.

They enjoy exploring new ideas and cultures, and are often drawn to jobs that allow them to travel, the great outdoors, media and philosophy.

When it comes to romance they are adamant about maintaining a level of independence and hate to feel fenced in. Once they do find a partner who gets their overwhelming need to stay themselves and fight codependency Sagittarius can be the most kind hearted, fun loving and generous partners in the Zodiac.

Above all else, Sagittarius is optimistic, honest and free. Jupiter is the planet of higher learning, wisdom, and abundance which gives Sagittarius a love of learning and understanding the world around them. This is what draws them to philosophical pursuits and allows them to develop their great sense of wonder and awe.

Sagittarius is also a dual sign, which comes with its own inherent highs and lows. The symbol for Sagittarius may be the archer, but it is also the centaur, which was a half-man half-horse from mythical times. These two symbols signify a search for knowledge, truth, adventure and new thinking.

Their intellectual and romantic curiosity does cover a huge range of ideas and subject matter but Sagittarius is still prone to restlessness and boredom, especially when they are surrounded by boring people or situations.

They are more eager to do things their own way and learn independently through experience and possibly travel, rather than depend on a classroom with routine work and study.

Paradoxically, while the Sagittarius tends to dislike classroom learning themselves, they often do well as teachers. Once they have taken the time, whether through traditional learning, travel or life experience, they are great at thinking outside the box and translating that knowledge into a relevant lesson.


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