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Effects of Venus on the Natal Chart of the Natives


Venus or Shukra is the beautiful feminine planet of the solar system. It is the brightest luminous body which is regarded as a princess. This is one of the most beneficial planets of astrology that brings opportunistic periods in a person’s life.

Astronomical Significance:

It is the second closest planet to the sun, placed at a distance of 67million miles. It takes 224 days to complete its revolution. Known as the “morning star”, Venus is visible directly with the naked eye in early morning, in the North East direction because of its close proximity with the Earth.

Astrological Importance:

Hindu mythology considers Shukra as the head of demon clan. He was a pious sage belonging to the highest clan of scholars. Additionally, Roman and Greek mythology regard the planet as the goddess of love, luxury and beauty.

Basic Traits:

Venus represents charm, comfort, materialistic nature, affluence, luck, pleasure, wisdom, respect, creativity and arts. It is associated with physical appearance, worldly gains, mental peace, fame, reputation, spirituality, high position, strong intellect, creativity, dance and music. It governs Libra and Taurus. It holds the highest degree in Pisces sign and is weakened when placed in Virgo.

It influences romantic feelings, artistic talent, worldly life, sexual pleasure, earthly possessions, reproduction capacity and representation of fine arts. The planet denotes the un-deciphered mysteries of creation and stands for spouse love in a native’s natal chart.

The planet governs Friday and the Southeast direction.

Characteristics of Individuals Born Under the Influence of Venus:

Natives born under the influence of Venus are feminine and delicate in appearance. They possess sharp features and are tender, considerate, appreciative, gentle as well as compassionate by nature.

They love to spread warmth, love and happiness amongst others. They have deep affection for perfumes, jewelry, fine clothing, fine arts, tasty and spicy foods and creative activities.

They deal in business involving ready made garments, the textile industry, restaurants, food outlets, tourism, accessories, cosmetics and art works. They may work in the field of music, theatre, cinema, literature, beauty, photography, astrology or the film industry.

Positive Results:

Venus, when positioned in the 5 th, 7 th, 9 th, 10 th or 12 th houses with compatible planets (Mercury and Saturn), provides gains and worldly pleasures to the subjects. Luck favors the individual and he receives pleasure from opposite sex or enhances his family.

Mental peace, good reputation, high paid jobs, excellent married life and expertise in profession are a few rewards received by the native who has Venus placed at high degree in the 4 th house.

Negative Effects:

The planet gives inauspicious results when it is positioned in 3 rd, 6 th or 8 th houses with enemy bodies like Sun and Moon. An ill placed Venus may bring misfortune and obstructions in professional life. The affected individual makes poor investments, loses his assets, becomes unpopular amongst friends and family, lacks grace and manners plus, he has to work hard to earn a living.

Quick Analysis:

  • Lucky Metal - Silver
  • Lucky Color - White
  • Affected Body Parts - Reproductive system, eyes, throat, kidneys, digestive tract.
  • Numerological Position - 6


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