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Vedic astrology initially excluded the influence of outer planets like Neptune, Uranus and Pluto because they weren’t discovered during the ancient period. Hence, nothing has been written about them in ancient texts but the modernists do mention their significance in the western astrology.

Uranus, the first of all newly discovered planets, is linked to surprising events, new opportunities, sudden turn of events and challenges.

Position As Guided By Astronomy:

The planet is so distant that it can scarcely be seen from planet Earth. It is the 7 th planet in the solar system, cold and composed of hydrogen and helium gases. Other than these, it has traces of ice consisting of ammonia, water, methane or hydrocarbons and qualifies as the coldest planet in the solar system.

Basic Traits:

Uranus tends to challenge the normal course of life and establishment. It works in opposition to Saturn and is regarded as the planet of freedom and revolution.

It is linked to fresh adventures, recent investment, excitement, exploration, unpredictability, irregularity and enlightenment. The planet is intuitive, novel and concerned with ingenuity. It lies ahead of time and grants the power of intuition which imparts energy to an individual. It boosts him to conduct research or to view things from a different perspective.

Uranus sets you free when you start acting too rigidly. It breaks down the regular patterns in lifestyle and constructs surprises. It wakes you up from the slumber, whets your concentration and reminds you to work towards your dreams.

The planet governs Aquarians. It exalts in Scorpio and weakens when it enters the native house of Leo. The planet is detrimental for Taurus sign.

Characteristics of A Native Born Under the Influence of Uranus:

The individuals who are governed by Uranus keep receiving winds of change at regular intervals. They are reserved, introverted, thoughtful, dreamy and independent.

They love to invent new things and have a sharp sixth sense. They surprise others around them from time to time and channel a rebellion or liberation. Most of them work as politicians or are involved in revolutionary works.

Positive Qualities:

When placed in a strong position in your birth chart, Uranus brings in positive changes or disruptions in a person’s life. It makes the native fresh, lively and energetic. Individuals move towards success by adopting progressive changes in life, explore new realms and explore new places or things.

Negative Points:

An ill positioned Uranus causes sudden reactions, chaos and makes a person uncharacteristically irresponsible. It causes frequent mood fluctuations and the affected individual feels totally overwhelmed, amazingly liberating or melancholy and irritable at times.

Natives become stubborn, they refuse to blend with the crowd and they have to make compromises for the important things in life. They may turn unpredictable and erratic.

Since Uranus takes 40 years to complete its revolution around the sun hence it is often associated with mid-life characteristics.

Analytical Study:

  • Lucky Metal - Silver
  • Lucky Gemstone - Amber
  • Lucky Colors - Sky Blue and Silvery White
  • Affected Body Parts - Legs, calf muscles
  • Numerological Position - 4


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