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Different Roles Played by the Sun in A Person’s Horoscope Chart


According to Karmic astrology, planets, stars and horoscope houses guide fulfillment, achievement, happiness or bad results in a person’s life.

By observing their position in an individual’s birth chart, astrologers can provide a summary of their entire life. Both astronomy and astrology define Sun or Surya as the driving life force of the universe.

Scientific Importance in Astronomy:

As studied by scientists, the Sun is a star. It acts as the central form of energy in our solar system and dates back to 4.6 billion years. It possesses its personal source of luminescence because of nuclear reactions initialed by helium and hydrogen gases present in its core.

Astrological Interpretation:

Astrology sees the Sun as prana or life and refers to him as the “Almighty” since all other planets revolved around him and are bound by his gravitational force.

This star represents the nature, persona and representation of an individual. Therefore, this star holds extreme power and is considered to be the offered or conscious and life.

It is eulogized as Lord Vishnu (in Hindu mythology) and as Lord Apollo (in Greek myths) – the lords of presentation. Therefore, the Sun represents a person’s will to live life. It is synonymous with masculinity and positive approach hence, seen as a father figure in the horoscope.

He governs Sunday, rises in the East and owns Leo—the fifth sign of zodiac. It is exalted at 10 degrees in Aries. Moon, Jupiter and Mars are friends with it whereas Venus and Saturn are considered as its enemy planets.

Basic Features:

The Sun is a primary indicator of individual identity and personal ego in an individual. The Sun indicates what others see in a person and how the person witnesses himself in the mirror.

He acts like an adult who analyzes the inner child in us, reasons with him and makes the final decision. He is symbolic of self-realization and overall vitality.

He signifies courage, authority, father figure, consciousness, pious nature, spirituality, dignity, ambition, reliability, bloodlessness, grace, energy and responsibility. The Sun influences both physical and psychological makeup of a person.

Traits of the Native Born Under Sun:

Folks, who are born under the influence of Sun are of fair complexion, have honey colored eyes and round faces. They possess leadership qualities and come forth as great rulers, administrative officers, politicians and celebrities.

Positive Qualities:

When placed in 1 st to 5 th, 9 th, 11 th or 12 th houses with friendly planets and compatible zodiac in a natal chart, it provides positive results to the native and brings fame, fortune, wealth, energy as well as willpower in his life. He lets an individual live life to its fullest. Right position of the Sun in the birth chart brings intelligence, positivity, power and success in different spheres of life.

Negative Points:

The 6 th, 7 th and 10 th houses are regarded as bad positions for the Sun. When it is ill placed, it renders arrogance, selfishness, jealousy, wavering temperament and overambitious nature to the person. An ill positioned Sun is an indicator of physical and psychological issues, public humiliation, pessimistic approach, boastful nature and lack of power.

Analytical Study:

  • Lucky Metals – Gold and Copper
  • Lucky Gemstone – Ruby
  • Lucky Colors – Orange, Yellow and Gold
  • Affected Body Parts – Brain, head, eyes, chest, heart, lungs, stomach
  • Numerological Position – 1


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