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Opportunistic and Malicious Influences of Saturn in the Birth Chart


According to karmic astrology, Saturn is the second largest and the slowest moving planet of the solar system. Even in astrological terms, the ruler of Capricorn takes approximately 2.5 years to pass through a zodiac sign.

The planet is regarded as a malefic body, however, when it is positioned in a beneficial house or with compatible zodiac signs, it bestows a person with success or golden opportunities and grants him the sweet fruits of his labor.

Astronomical Significance:

Saturn is a cold and dry planet, known for the 9 distinct rings surrounding its central radius. It is termed as the “gas giant” (due to its bulky structure) although it is composed of metallic as well as gaseous elements. The planet has 62 moons revolving around it and qualifies as the second largest planet in the solar system.

Basic Features:

Saturn offers mixed results which are guided by the actions and behavior of an individual. His slow transit is associated with appearance of 2 periods known as Sadhe Sati (which lasts for 7.5 years and arrives when the plant travels through the 2 nd and 12 th houses in the natal moon) and Dhaiyya (which lasts for 2.5 years and arrives when the planet is positioned in the 8 th or 4 th houses of natal moon). Both these periods occur twice in a person’s life.

Saturn is regarded as the lord of justice who strongly dislikes chaos and irrational behavior. He believes in strictness, discipline and righteous act.

Hence, both these periods bring the most difficult times in an individual’s life where he has to experience several problems and hardships as repentance for the sins committed by him in this life or the previous one. During this time, the native faces enlightens him and balances his sin with spirituality. Slowly, the native transverses towards spiritualism.

Additionally, Saturn is also associated with limitation, restriction, self control and karma. He reminds you of your commitments, responsibilities and defines your activities. He acts like a teacher who rewards his students for their good deeds and punishes them for the bad ones after the judgment period is over.

Saturn governs the West direction and Saturday.

Traits of Natives Who Are Born Under Saturn’s Influence:

Natives who are influenced and governed by Saturn may be heavy and have firm thinking as well as appetite. They have a sharp memory, great computation skills and possess a suspicious nature.

They may have to struggle hard in order to earn their living. They are either born in the labor class, are involved in some sort of construction work, research work or any other job that requires great physical or mental strength for their livelihood.

Positive Results:

The planet provides excellent results when it is positioned in 2 nd, 3 rd and 7 th to 12 th houses with compatible planets (Venus and Mercury). it bestows a person with immense success, fame, wealth and power.

Negative Results:

When placed in 1 st, 4 th, 5 th and 6 th houses with enemy planets (Sun, Moon, Mars), it may cause sorrow, loss, misery, and many hurdles in a person’s life.

Analytical Study:

  • Lucky Metal - Iron
  • Lucky Gemstone - Blue Sapphire
  • Lucky Colors - Blue and Black
  • Affected Body Parts - Knee, bones, cartilages and blood cells
  • Numerological Position - 8


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