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How Does the Position of Moon Influence an Individual’s Horoscope?


Life on planet Earth is sustained and influenced by the presence of two luminaries in the universe—the Sun and the Moon. Moon is regarded as the “Queen of solar system” and rules the psychological makeup, feelings and emotions of a person.

She is associated with Mann or desires and plays a significant role in maintaining stable human relationships as well as generating emotional power in a person.

Astronomical Importance:

The Moon is the solitary natural satellite of the Earth. It is the closest celestial body to the Earth and therefore influences all the life forms on the planet. It is at a distance of 384,438 kilometers from Earth and shines by reflecting the natural light of Sun.

In Astrology:

Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer and dominates in Taurus but inactive in Scorpio. It is friends with the Sun, Mars and Jupiter whereas Saturn is its enemy planet. It is associated with the development of lunar cycles. Folks who are born in ascending lunar cycles achieve positive qualities from the Moon whereas natives born under descending moon cycles receive misfortune.

Moon is also linked to northwest direction, and specifically influences the 16 th, 24 th, 49 th, 51 st, 86 th and 94 th years of an individual.

Basic Traits:

The Moon is associated with human instincts, compassion, personality, sentiments, flow of thoughts, working of the subconscious mind and mental ability. Several literary works state that Moon is associated with mental power.

Being the controller of water and water elements, this satellite governs our body fluids as well as sea tides. It directly influences mental peace, long distance navigation and relationship of a person with his maternal acquaintances.

Additionally, it governs the process of impregnation, animalistic instincts and child birth because astrology sees the Moon as the mother figure. Therefore, it tends to affect a person’s relations with his mother, grandmother and other old women around him.

It has a strong command over agricultural productivity, kindness, functioning of your heart and domestic welfare.

Characteristics of A Native Born Under Moon:

Natives born under the influence of the Moon have a beautiful face, fair complexion, feminine or delicate features, dreamy eyes and calm persona.

Positive Qualities:

When the Moon is positioned in 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th, 7 th or 9 th house with friendly planets in compatible zodiac signs, in a person’s natal chart it brings positive results for them.

A well positioned Moon grants enthusiasm, joy and mental peace. It also results in “raj yoga” or kingship which brings power, dignity, intelligence, luxury and comfort in a person’s life.

Its position in the mentioned houses is especially auspicious for natives of Scorpio, Libra, Cancer, Pisces and Virgo.

Negative Points:

The ill placed Moon in 6 th, 8 th, 19 th, 11 th or 12 th house may cause mental instability, poor decision making qualities and poor health of his maternal relatives, especially mother. Other malefic symptoms include mental tension, development of pessimistic attitude, depression, suicidal tendency and tormenting thoughts.

As a result, the native exhibits a weak mental constitution and gets subjected to several psychological and mental problems such as bipolar personality, mood swings and anxiety.

Analytical Features:

  • Lucky Metal – Silver
  • Lucky Gemstone – Pearl
  • Lucky Colors – White and Cream
  • Affected Body Parts – Body Fluids, eyes, heart
  • Numerological Position – 2


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