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How Does Mercury’s Position Influence A Person’s Natal Chart?


Mercury or Buddh is the first planet of the solar system and the closest to the sun. According to Vedic astrology, the planet is often associated with cleverness and communication.

Mercury was regarded as the messenger of Gods and is the ruling planet of Virgo and Gemini. It is curious, unemotional and linked to everyday expression and opportunities. The planet is involved in taking things apart and then putting them back to their place.

Astronomical Standing:

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system which lacks any natural atmosphere or satellites of its own. It is at a distance of 36.2km from the Sun and has a radius of 2440km.

Astrological Significance:

The planet is one of the most potent celestial bodies which influences a lot of fields when it revolves around different houses of the birth chart. It is quite an opportunistic and beneficial planet associated with commerce, technology, finance and trade.

Being in close proximity with the Sun, it moves at a faster pace and therefore denotes quick motions or flickering mindset of an individual.

It triggers excellent physical and psychological coordination. It guides the ideas, thinking process, sensory information, consciousness and body coordination in a person. It is the driving force behind analysis, sorting, sensing and linking different situations.

Mercury is guided by logic therefore it influences natural reflexes, quick thinking, accurate expression of thoughts, smooth flow of ideas, linguistic skills and colorful imagination.

The planet is compatible with Sun and Venus and incompatible with Moon. It is linked to North direction. Mercury is also associated with sisterhood therefore it affects your relationships with your siblings.

Traits of Native Born Under the Influence of Mercury:

Natives who are governed by Mercury possess logical thinking, inborn anxiety, diverse interests, indecisive nature, resourcefulness and natural charm. The native is soft spoken, well natured and possesses a good sense of humor.

They work as writers, mathematicians, bankers, lecturers, artists, accountants, businessmen, engineers, sculptors or shrewd media persons.

They may also work in the field of information technology, perhaps settling in businesses which include mailing, faxing, posting or any other forms of communication service.

Positive Qualities:

When positioned in 1 st, 4 th, 7 th and 10 th houses with friendly planets in compatible zodiacs, they bring positive opportunities for the person. It develops powerful analyzing and reasoning abilities, good intellect, sharp memory and excellent grasping nature.

Subjects have strong command over presentation skills and language. They acquire diplomatic power, governance skills and convincing abilities.

Negative Qualities:

Mercury acts maliciously if it is positioned in the 3 rd, 8 th, 9 th or 12 th houses or in association with enemy planets. It may form ill yoga, tough phases of life or unfortunate periods which are associated with lack of communication skills, poor computation abilities, impatient attitude and consistent failures.

The affected individual will develop hasty attitude, argumentative approach, irritating activities, flirty nature and wouldn’t value relationships.

Analytical Study:

  • Lucky Metal - Lead
  • Lucky Gemstone - Emerald
  • Lucky Colors – Green or Shades of Green
  • Lucky Day - Wednesday
  • Affected Body Parts – ears, arms, nervous system, intestines and lungs


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