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Pisces (February 19 to March 20), the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac, is a water sign and their ruling planet is Neptune. They are symbolized by a pair of Fish and their birthstones are Amethyst and Aquamarine, depending on whether they are born in February or March.

They have a distinct desire to never feel alone and want to be connected to those they love and to society as much as possible.

Pisces are alluring but often mysterious people who are typically extremely gifted though they have trouble expressing it. They sometimes spend their lives battling confusion.

Their symbol, the two fish, depicts one fish swimming upstream while the other is swimming down and this is a pretty good description of the life of a Pisces. They are often torn between two different paths and occasionally they might even lead two very distinct lives at once.

Though Pisces ruling planet is Neptune, they are also influenced by Jupiter. In ancient Rome the planet Jupiter was king of all gods and Neptune was the ruler of the sea. The contradiction is obvious and results in quite a few odd energies affecting Pisces.

They are usually charitable and spiritual people, and are compassionate and empathetic to another person's hurt or pain. Unfortunately Pisces can have issues telling fact and fiction apart. They will get tangled in their dreams or ideals and won't stop to understand the reality of the situation.

These rose colored glasses can often get them into trouble. Pisces are very sensitive and once they feel you aren't listening to their concerns they are prone to depression or pessimism. This in turn causes laziness and procrastination.

It is vital that Pisces take time for relaxation and introspection so they can stay centered at all times. Pisces love to lose themselves in activities such as music, the arts and other creative venues. Pisces are usually talented at creative pursuits, which make these the perfect outlet for self-inspection.

Because Pisces is a water sign they understand when it comes to emotional responses, but like water they can also become unpredictable. They tend to have strong feelings and are typically misunderstood a great deal of the time.

They shouldn't be characterized as doormats, however. They may be sensitive but they have a strong side that people often overlook. They also shine best when their imaginative and compassionate natures are being showcased and they can also be very romantic.

They enjoy catering to the ones they love, but especially lovers and have been known to spend time thinking up fun activities and tasty treats for their partners.

What Pisces need to look out for is an equally considerate lover or friend, because if their kindness is not reciprocated then they are easily saddened and prone to depression.

They are generally easy going and gentle, often reticent or shy around those they don't know well. They can sometimes be too humble, to the point where it is impractical, and they tend to be most happy lost in their own dream world or reading a good book.

They are drawn to careers where their creative talents can be appreciated; anything in the arts, writing, editing, or behind the scenes of a film or television show.


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