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Libra (September 23 to October 22), the seventh sign of the Zodiac, is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Venus. Their symbol, the scales, represents consistency and equality and their birthstones are Sapphire or Opal, depending on whether they are born in September or October.

Their ultimate desire is to lead a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle and they often fantasize about finding their one true love and setting off into the sunset.
As adolescents they often have dreams about finding prince (or princess) charming which unfortunately can lead to an unrealistic ideal of romance in adulthood.

They are prone to having a "holy grail" so to speak – something they cherish and desire above all else. This can see them through as they experience the ups and downs of life (heart break, drama, loneliness, etc) but can also lead to disillusionment.

Both love and loves that have been lost are important defining factors for the Libra. They may appear laid back and happy most of the time but they tend to internalize things and may feel very different on the inside.

Libras can easily compartmentalize the things around them and have no problem taking time away from the outside world to work on themselves. Most Libras establish a certain lifestyle, though it is often not what they dreamed of growing up. This causes them to be easily disenchanted they also can have problems being committed to relationships as they are always thinking about how green the grass seems on the other side.

They may be able to playact that commitment right away but it takes a long time and a great deal of work and trust to get a Libra to really commit. This ability to role-play and playact makes them excel in jobs where this talent is valuable such as business, theatre, finance and politics.

When it comes to romance and love Libras can be very hard to understand and get close to. Whereas in business or the work place they are easily creative this skill doesn't always translate into relationships. Their outward charm can help them to make powerful friends and find important opportunities but to those closest to the Libra this attribute seems shallow and false.

Regardless, Libras desire harmony and peace in all relationships (professional and personal). This causes them to often sign on for projects they would rather not do, so it's important for Libras to learn to say no when they need to.

Unfortunately Libras often do better in their professional lives than they do when it comes to romance and friendship. Because of their exacting standards and inability to be flexible they rarely discover their "holy grail relationship" and even if they do they ruin it.

They tend to work best with other Libras who will understand their eccentricities or more understanding signs. For the lucky Libra who manages to find their special someone and make it work long term, it is important for them to remember to be open minded and understanding of their partners.

The worst thing for a Libra to do is give up hope and take what comes easily simply because it's there. This will only leave them bitter and angry, and won't make them happy at all.


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