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Leo (July 23 to August 22), the fifth sign of the Zodiac, is a fire sign and is ruled by the Sun. Their birthstones are Ruby and Peridot, depending on whether they are born in July or August.

They are determined to be a leader in all things. Leos have to be the center of attention at all times and make excellent celebrity types due to their love of the spotlight and its correlating adulation.

No attention is bad attention to the Leo and they will do whatever they need to do to be seen and heard. This can manifest itself in both good and bad ways, they will often do kind acts in order to be seen as a hero, but on the opposite end they have no problem getting negative attention a well.

Love is a huge factor for Leos, as they are ruled by their hearts. Leo is a very lucky sign and they are very positive-thinking and charismatic as well. They attract many friends, lovers and opportunities and manage to get through life's more difficult parts with grace and a great sense of humor.

Where other signs might falter or give up hope, Leos hold on and persevere, making them a good match for other leader-style signs. They rarely give up and always give their all, whether it be work related, or in relationships.

When a Leo commits to a relationship (whether romantic or otherwise) they are as fierce as the Lion they are represented by in their loyalty. If one breaks their trust however then it is almost impossible to get it back as they rarely forgive, holding a grudge for decades in some instances.

When a relationship ends they have no problem walking away without a second thought, even if had lasted many years. They easily cut ties with people they have marked as disloyal though this isn't something they take lightly. If they walk away from someone they once loved it is usually for a very good reason.

Leo is a complex sign – there are three soul evolution levels the Lion must face. The highest level is represented by the Sphinx. This level takes many years to achieve and means you are incredibly wise regardless of age.

The second level is the Lion, ruled by an immense ego but also protective to those they care for. The last level is the Lion Cub which is undeveloped, immature and scared of things different or new. The Lion Cub Leo will be clingy and childlike and can't stand loneliness. This clinginess can be frustrating to some signs, though it may bring out a protective urge in others.

All Leos, regardless of level, are trendsetters, adventurers and leaders. They excel in jobs where you need to be plucky and outgoing, making them excellent performers, musicians, artists and business people.

Pride is their ultimate weakness and they are easily taken in my flattery and shut down by criticism making a less evolved Lion Cub or Lion Leo easy to manipulate. Leos should work to become less vulnerable to this type of thing and the best way to do this is to evolve past these traits.


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