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Gemini (May 21 to June 21) , the third sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by Mercury. Their birthstones are Emerald and Pearl, depending on whether they are born in May or June.

Gemini is represented by twins, symbolizing Gemini's dual personalities. Many things in the natural world come in pairs; females and males, good and evil, ying and yang etc. Gemini is living proof of this phenomenon; a bundle of paradoxes that have a simple acceptance of being opposite sides of the same coin.

A Gemini person is talkative, curious, mentally acute and versatile in many ways. They can jump around from one idea to the other easily which makes a Gemini the perfect party guest and social butterfly.

Gemini folks are great at all lighthearted, easy social situations, and are usually very fun to hang out with. This ability to go with the flow may be a valuable asset but it also can cause people to see them as shallow.

Geminis are the ever-youthful children of the zodiac, regardless of biological age. They typically have a strong wit and a sharp tongue and are adept at debating both sides of an argument with someone while still maintaining a light tone. This may seem shallow to some but make no mistake – Gemini are fiercely loyal and will take a strong stand for something or someone they believe in.

The Gemini element is Air, which represents movement and the easiest path between point A and B. Like all air signs, Gemini people are deep thinkers who place an emphasis on intelligence over other ideals. They have highly active imaginations and an excellent command of their language, which makes them great communicators.

Geminis tend to do well in careers where communication is key; psychiatry, social services, transportation and similar fields. They do not do well in tedious jobs where there is little or no variety. They need constant stimulation to keep them happy and on task.

Gemini people are quick to understand the gist of a situation, argument or process though one downside is that they often fail to grasp it in depth. This is because they have such a wide pool of interests. This tends to keep their overall knowledge general instead of allowing them to gain a level of specialization in any one subject.

The third house is all about communication and generally we communicate where we live and work, making that space important in the third house. This encompasses interactions between spouses, siblings, coworkers and friends.

The key planet for Gemini is Mercury, named after the Greek messenger of the gods. Mercury moves around the sun at a rapid rate, which is fitting when you consider the Gemini's fast-paced personality.

Mercury symbolizes our thoughts and how we communicate them. This includes all language and what goes on in the rational brain. Like Gemini, Mercury is both very changeable and restless, driving us to listen, speak and eventually act.

Gemini people can be in one moment blithe and seemingly carefree and in the next brooding and dark. They always seems to be moving and changing which make them occasionally difficult to work with or have a relationship with if you are an opposing sign.


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