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Cancer ( June 22 to July 22), the fourth sign of the Zodiac, is a water element and is symbolized by the Crab. Their birthstones are Pearl or Ruby, depending on whether they are born in June or July.

People born under this sign are ruled by the Moon, which is one of astrology's most enigmatic and romantic puzzles. Cancer people are complex and often hard to pin down, though they are also caring and compassionate when it comes to family, friends and people they love.

They tend to be moody and look to always feel safe and secure in every way (romantically, emotionally, financially and spiritually). They need to be constantly reassured and seek intimacy.

Cancers may often seem to have an inordinate love of money and possessions but that desire stems from a need to feel safe at all times, making them a particularly pragmatic sign as they are the most likely to save for a rainy day.

They can often be brutal in their jealousy and moodiness, and they tend to have a knack for being able to hit the jugular when it comes to cutting remarks. This can make them hard to love if you are also sensitive and cannot be understanding.

Cancer sign's are often eccentric and not easily understood which can be endearing but also frustrating to people who don't understand. They are also often insecure with themselves and they tend to care way too much about what others think of them which can lead to petty jealousy and irrational paranoia if not held in check.

They seek constant validation and take rejection especially hard, but they are loyal friends and lovers and will be steadfast to those they feel comfortable with. Similar to their symbol (the crab) they seem hard on the outside but inside they are sensitive and easily hurt. This contradiction makes them very special to those who love them.

They are also similar to the Moon as they can go through many different phases as they go through life. To a Cancer person life never stands still; they are always changing and growing due to their internal sea of emotion. This link to the lunar scape can make them difficult to deal with as they are rarely on an even keel.

Their mood can seem light and down to Earth one moment and the next they will seem angry or sad. This can be frustrating but it is also part of their allure. Cancers are often exciting and make a good match to more calm astrological signs.

Romance and love matter a great deal to the Cancer sign, though this priority is seconded closely by the desire to have extra money to cushion their bank account for times of trouble.

They are the consummate sign when it comes to romance though they are also especially sensitive when a love affair ends. With their often contemptuous and changing nature the Cancer person is mysterious, fascinating and very stimulating to those around them.

They make wonderful companions to those who can handle their changing moods and time spent with a Cancer can seem magical.


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