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Aries (March 21 to April 20) is the first sign of the zodiac, beginning on the spring equinox; making it the sign of new beginnings.

The Ram is ambitious, adventurous, enthusiastic and full of energy but they can also be impulsive, stubborn and impatient, especially if they don't see immediate results. Aries is a fire sign which means they are naturally warm-hearted. Much like a fire can give out heat and light without becoming depleted itself so too can an Aries be giving and warm without becoming overwrought or consumed.

Aries are leaders rather than followers and show real concern for the people they lead. Aries are responsible citizens who rarely use others to realize their own goals and instead care about the greater good. On the other side they don't always make great subordinates due to their "take charge and get it done" attitudes which may make them seem unbending or unwilling to compromise.

In personal relationships Aries are direct and very candid about everything and typically make generous, loyal and enthusiastic friends. They are likely to have a higher than average libido and make good partners and lovers.

There is a negative side as well when it comes to having a relationship with an Aries. They can become irritated by moderation in their partners and may show a level of insensitivity which is in stark contrast to how sensitive they are themselves.

Those born under the Sun sign Aries are objective and often intellectual, rarely going to the extreme when it comes to politics or religion. Aries are well known as the champion of a lost cause and their leadership ability means they usually win.

This gung-ho attitude can also lead to some foolish and uncoordinated decisions so Aries are cautioned to develop willpower and discipline when it comes to their impulses; if an Aries can reign in their impulsivity they can often be a force for necessary change in the world.

Aries like nothing more than a challenge, even if the challenge at hand ends up causing frustration. When they have a clear direction in which to channel their energy Arian's can be unstoppable. Aries aren't afraid to be direct and even forceful when necessary which is helpful when they are focused on a positive goal.

They tend to excel in fields where working with people is important such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, politics and the military, and often rise to leadership roles quickly.

While they are the Ram, you could say that there is also bit of lamb in most Aries. They often go about achieving their goals in a more roundabout way, rather than locking horns with someone in a social situation. If they can get what they want and still stay friendly with their coworker or boss that’s what they will do.

They never want to be the bad guy. Arians are great at understanding what they are able to change and what they aren't and are willing to be creative about getting things done. A well-developed Aries, who has developed a sense of patience and self-control, should be exceedingly proud of themselves for that accomplishment.


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