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Aquarius (January 20 to February 18), the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Uranus. Their symbol is the water bearer and their birthstones are Garnet or Amethyst, depending on whether they are born in January or February.

The planet Uranus is known for being erratic, eclectic and unorthodox, which makes Aquarius impulsive. They tend to have unexpected and profound deviations for what is expected and yet due to the more restrictive Saturn, which they are also influenced by, Aquarians can also show a surprising level of stability and work ethic, making them a paradox of sorts.

These apparent contradictions seem to work together well when shaping the Aquarius personality. What might look like an arbitrary change to outsiders is usually an understandable and advantageous one for the Aquarius when all things are considered. They are also idealists who champion high principle and independent thinking above most things.

Aquarius is a fixed sign which can cause them to be somewhat stubborn and resistant to change. This is especially true for small changes which can be frustrating to the Aquarius. They may be able to accept larger change, when necessary, but the little things get to them.

Aquarians hate unreasonable demands or authority and will often eschew traditional dogma when it doesn't make sense to them. They are often resentful to being put upon or told what to do, though they can also be very generous and cooperative when asked in the right way.

They are the consummate skeptic and like to test everything before believing it, but once they have been convinced they are firm in their belief and hard to shake.

Aquarius is known for being drawn to unusual subjects or fields of study. They often make huge discoveries while exploring away from the usual track and they tend to work in fields where this is celebrated such as in science, mathematics, psychology and astrology. They have an urge to test the limits of human ability and consciousness that can only be sated in similar careers.

As lovers of science and original thought they hold valuable what is unique. They often enjoy unorthodox lifestyles but are also eager to experience all things objectively.

This trait does not always lend itself well to romantic love, however. This intellectual, almost clinical approach can make the Aquarius seem cold or dispassionate. They must learn to show their feelings better, and this can be done by focusing on the feelings at hand.

Aquarians are often great athletes but do better in sports where they aren't forced to partner up, such as running, swimming etc. They may not be known for their cooking skills but they are avid lovers of food and can enjoy just about any cuisine. Aquarius people see like in a unique way, and others may see their habits or ideas as a little off or unconventional.

They are quick minded and always thinking, and many Aquarians have trouble sleeping due to this fact. They also tend to have strong environmental, political or social beliefs but what it comes down to is that they are happiest when they have something to believe in and work for, regardless of what it is in many cases.


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